Week 4’s Film Blog – Mise en Scène’s Actors of The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer

In this week’s film class blog, I will take you on a quick journey on a look at three actors from a movie and taking a look at their designation, or rather, the type of actor that they are.  The movie in which I have chosen to reflect upon this week is that of The Horse Whisperer.  Originally released in 1998, The Horse Whisperer starred Robert Redford as Tom Booker, Kristin Scott Thomas as Annie MacLean, and a very young Scarlett Johansson as Grace MacLean.  According to our textbook, actors are typically casted to certain roles based on previous movies and how they act (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014).  For The Horse Whisperer, the main three stars in which I have decided to report upon will be the examples in which I will use for this blog.

Robert Redford, being the main actor in The Horse Whisperer, would be automatically listed as a star based on his broad appeal and instant recognition based on previous hit movies and roles.  Mr. Redford has proven throughout his entire career so far in his vast wide-acceptance and that he can become any character in which he portrays.  He can appear in range from westerns to action movies, from dramas to documentaries and so forth.  Robert Redford has also proved quite effective as both a film director and as a social environmentalist.  This type of both personal and public reflection can be seen in his acting, especially drawing upon his seemingly confidence on screen and behind the camera.

Kristin Scott Thomas, being both a mother in the movie as well as an interest in Redford’s character, would be classified as a personality actor due to her previous roles being placed in English type movies where the best of her accent can be drawn out and the fact that the roles in which she has played generally also characterizes her seemingly pure British behavior.  It is also quite possible that Ms. Thomas will be placed quite often in these types of related roles.  Kristin’s seriousness reflects on this in this movie, as well as a previous hit, The English Patient.

Scarlett Johansson, being the young girl in the movie who suffered from a near-tragic accident and has to deal with the aftermath with her horse, would be classified as a wild card actor.  She can play a part in many types of movies, whether it is a type of drama such as The Horse Whisperer, or a sci-fi movie such as Lucy, a comedy such as We Bought A Zoo, or an action-packed blockbuster such as The Avengers.  It is from these and other roles that have helped make Ms. Johansson as a wild card actor where her style can be unpredictable, yet very welcomed, for moviegoers.  Ms. Johansson has proved that she can become any type of character in which any movie might be asking for and has the label of not being stuck in any one type of character over and over.  However, Scarlett’s confidence and fiery attitude can be seen in her acting abilities, especially in this movie in which she tries to overcome both her physical and emotional scars, and that of her horse’s problems.


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